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Parker style pen refills - a birdseye view All our refills are ISO compliant


There are many pen refills available on the high street and the internet.
So why buy ours?

We do not sell cheap imports from the Far East, which are the type supplied with most pen kits, and which are commonly available on the internet. We do sell our own high quality, affordable pen refills which are manufactured using the finest Swiss made components and ink, and produced to exacting standards and tolerances.

Our ink is designed to only dry where it’s supposed to - on the paper, not in the refill. They all have stainless steel tips with super smooth, channelled tungsten carbide, abrasion-proof balls. They are smooth to write with, do not skip, and are filled to capacity with ink, not with air or wadding.

All refills comply with their relevant ISO standards and are dispatched from stock with a choice of shipping methods. Standard UK shipping is free on orders of £50 or more.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and level of customer service. With our Mix & Match quantity discount and a choice of refill style, ink type and colour, why buy from anywhere else?

 that doesn’t  work because it’s dried up, or the ink flow skips, or the pen feels scratchy on the paper? All that care and hard work at the lathe, only to be let down by the ink unit.

He also realised that the refills commonly available to pen turners on the internet  are just the same too. They are all made in the Far East, as cheaply as possible, poor in quality and usually containing the bare minimum of ink.

What about the High Street? Plenty of  good quality well known names to choose from there. For a long time he replaced his pen kit ink units for high street refills, for which he paid through the nose.

And then, one day, the penny dropped.  Why not produce his own refills?  Good quality refills that are nice to write with, don’t dry up, and are full up with ink.? And so Beaufort Ink was born.

Today, we produce refills in sufficient quantities to be able to sell them to other pen turners at a good price. The reason for our success? Well, the high quality and value for money of our refills speaks for itself. We also take pride in our attention to detail, our level of customer service and our professionalism.

We are more than willing to claim that our refills compare favourably with any of the well known High Street brands. It’s a bold claim which undoubtedly you will judge for yourself. However, we’d be foolish to claim it if we didn’t believe it to be true. It’s easy to hoodwink somebody, but you can only do it once. - we’d go out of business. And you certainly don’t have to pay high street prices for our refills, and with our “Mix & Match” quantity discounts, they represent  even better value for money.

Beaufort Ink pen refills are full to capacity with ink, not stale air, so they write mich further


Far Eastern Parker style pen kit ink units and refills, have an average measured writing capacity equal to a line of about 680 metres long.

Our own Parker style standard refills write almost 15 times further, with an average measured  capacity of about 10 kilometres!  Our refills contain ink - not stale air!

All our refills have hard wearing, corrosion proof stainless steel tips