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With a specially designed click mechanism, the Tempest ballpoint pen kit provides at long last, a click ballpoint with a reliable and trustworthy clicker, that keeps on working.

Made to the same exacting standards and tolerances that our customers have come to expect from Beaufort Ink, the Tempest is keenly priced and available in upgrade gold, chrome or gunmetal.

It is supplied with a Parker style Beaufort Ink refill.

Tempest Click Ballpoint Pen.  £6.95  (£5.79 ex vat)

Upgrade gold, chrome or gunmetal fittings
Parker style Beaufort Ink refill

Specially designed and engineered
reliable click mechanism
Classic design

Slender finished sizes

10.3mm  & 8.1mm drill sizes

Beaufort Tempest click ballpoint - Image courtesy of Vic Perrin

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“The click mechanism is outstanding and the engineering is excellent. The Tempest has got to be the best click pen on the market”

Vic Perrin

Beaufort Tempest click ballpoint in gold - Image courtesy of Brad Herrington Beaufort Tempest click ballpoint in gunmetal - Image courtesy of Pittswood Crafts Beaufort Tempest click ballpoint in chrome - Image courtesy of Vic Perrin