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Beaufort Ink - High quality affordable ink refills for ballpoint and rollerball pens Find us on Facebook

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Find us on facebook

PARKER  REFILLS - Standard ink

Our standard, ink filled Parker style ballpoint pen refill.

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Parker style ballpoint pen refill - standard ink


For those who prefer gel ink, this is the Parker style refill for you.

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Parker style ballpoint pen refill - gel ink

ROLLERBALL - Standard ink

Our standard, ink filled rollerball pen refill.

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Universal rollerball pen refill - standard ink

CROSS  REFILLS - Standard ink

Our standard, ink filled Cross style ballpoint pen refill.

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Cross style ballpointl pen refill - standard ink

PARKER  REFILLS - Soft & Smooth

Take your pens to a new level with our “Soft & Smooth” ink filled Parker style refill.

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Parker style ballpoint pen refill - "Soft & Smooth"

“To say I am impressed with the quality would be an understatement. Even the standard units are a significant improvement over the Chinese refills supplied with the kits and feel smoother than even branded Parker products in a direct comparison”

Walter Hall


We are more than willing to claim that our pen refills compare favourably with all the High Street names. That’s quite a claim, and of course you alone must be the judge, and you certainly don’t have to pay High Street prices for them.

We don’t have a vast shiny marketing machine or a sales force up and down the country, and we produce in quantities whereby we can pass on our savings to you, the customer.


Many pen turners swap their pen kit refills for Beaufort pen refills as a matter of course. Many of them also stock our refills to sell.

They don’t skip or scratch, and only dry up where they’re supposed to - on the paper. They flow smoothly across the page and are full up with ink so they write much further.

You’ll love our refills - so will your customers


Beaufort Ink pen refills are not made in the Far East. They are not the cheap and nasty refills you can buy on eBay and many other places on the internet, or that are supplied with almost all pen kits.

Our refills are of the highest quality, manufactured using the finest Swiss made components and ink, to exacting standards and tolerances.

And yes, you really can tell the difference.

We offer a sample pack comprising one of each refill

in both black and blue.

Sadly, we can’t afford to

give away samples to

everyone, but we have kept
the price as low as possible,

which represents a saving

of over 40% on our

standard prices.

Order a sample pack today,

and see for yourself why

we are the market leader in

ink refills for discerning

pen makers.

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Order a
Sample Pack

Our range of pen refills encompasses the three main types that pen turners use -  Parker pen refills, Universal Rollerball pen refills and Cross pen refills.

We offer a choice of ink and colour, so that you can either upgrade your pens at the time of production, offer your customers an upgrade at the point of sale, or sell pen refills to your customers in addition to a pen to increase your profit and encourage repeat business.

Smooth non-skip writing performance
Maximum capacity of ink for maximum use
Formulated to dry on the paper, not in the refill
Compliant with ISO standards

Manufactured from high quality
Swiss made components and ink

Abrasion proof tungsten carbide balls
Hard wearing, corrosion proof stainless steel tips

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