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Philippe Peres - Titanium gold Beaufort Mistral with black titanium accents in ironwood Billy Binns - Beaufort Tempest in olivewood Shekhar Srivastaver - Kitless pens with Bock nibs in assorted acrylics Terry Quiram - Beaufort Tempests in buckeye Natalia Truckle -  Rhodium Beaufort Mistral fountain pen and rollerball with black titanium accents, in self-made polymer clay jim johnston.jpgJames Johnston - Custom pens with Bock size 6 nibs, in alluminium and Kirinite "Nebular" Andy King - Rhodium Mistral with black titanium accents in african blackwood Peter Birchall - Beaufort Mistral in red and white "Tiffany" caesin Harry Fraser - A pairset of matching Beaufort Mistral fountain pen and penci in black acrylic Terry Miller - Titanium gold Beaufort Mistral Peter Birchall - Beaufort Mistral in an M3 Mokume composite blank jim johnston2.jpgJames Johnston - Kitless pen with size 6 Bock nib, in Beaufort green & yellow Ebonite Shekhar Srivastava - Custom pen in Conway Stewart Acrylic with Bock Nib Jake Lazzari - Custom pen in padauk with Beaufort black Ebonite section and Bock #5 nib Shekhar Srivastaver - Jr Statesman with size 5 Bock nib, in Red Dinobone stone blank Ron Caddy - Artisan Jr Gents in Colourburst, Zetas in acrylic swirl, Sierras in cast Japenese silk Woody Turner - Beaufort Mistral in Beaufort black & red Ebonite Phil Dart - Chrome Omega in reclaimed whisky cask oak Phillippe Peres - Rhodium Mistral with black titanium accents in Honduras palisander Eamonn Caswell - Mistral in gold titanium with rhodium accents in blue acrylic David Jackson - Custom rollerball made from a Conway Stewart acrylic James Johnston - kitless rollerball with Beaufort refillable rollerball nib and Beaufort ink converter Stephen McDowell - closed end Omega in walnut with Bock nib Pittswood Crafts - Beaufort Mistral in xylia wood Pittswood Crafts - Jr Gent in a Beaufort Ink reclaimed wine cask blank Terry Miller - Beaufort Mistral in "heather" acrylic Thomas Davies - Beaufort Mistral in a Dan Pompe pine cones acrylic blank Stephen McDowell - A matching pair of Beaufort Mistrals in red mallee burl Billy Binns - Beaufort Tempests in London plane, diagonal cut black ash, London plane burr, black ash, marblewood & olivewood Billy Binns - Beaufort Tempest in marblewood Victor Torcanu - Custom pen in Beafort black ebonite with Bock nib Pittswood Craft - Beafort Mistral and nib in thuya burr Tony Gaunt - Award winning alloy kitless pen with Bock nib and Beaufort clip & ink converter Pierre Bouillot - Award winning custom pen with Bock nib, made from a Bob Dupras alumilte casting Pens Unique - As matching set of Beaufort Mistral fountain pen, ballpoint and pencil, made from banksia nits set in acrylic Pens Unique - Beaufort Mistral fountain pen made from banksia nut set in acrylic Peter Birchall - Beaufort Mistral in blue Italian acetate Steve Fitzgerald - Gunmetal & chrome Zeta in Beaufort spalted red Yunstone Eamonn Caswell - Beaufort Mistral rollerball with brushed gold accents in amboyna burr Freck Fraser - Beaufort Mistral fountain pen in a pine cones blank Eddy Sterk - Custom pen in amber acrylic Clement Meerts - Beaufort Mistral rollerball in titanium gold with rhodium accents eamonn caswell 3.jpg clement meerts2.jpg