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Bock nibs are amongst the most prestigious in the world, with an enviable reputation to match. To give you the widest possible range of options, not only have we made them available with Bock’s own housings and feeds, but also with housings and feeds that are compatible with most pens kits. You choose the option that suits you best.

We have them in different sizes for different pens, different point widths for different tastes, in polished steel, gold plate, bi-colour plate and for those extra special pens, solid titanium and 18 karat solid gold.

We are agents for Bock fountain pen nibs

We are proud to be UK distributors for Peter Bock fountain pen nibs.




Understanding nibs & choosing the right one.

size 6 nibs

Bock size 6 fountain pen nibs Bock size 5 fountain pen nibs

size 5 nibs

 Bock Calligraphy Nibs

calligraphy nibs

left handed nibs

Left handed Bock Nibs

The business end of any fountain pen consists of three parts - the nib housing, the ink feed and the nib itself. It is usual that the whole assembly is mounted inside a decorative casing called the nib section, via a corresponding thread on the housing.

Nibs come in a variety of sizes, the most popular ones being size 5 (or type 5, or #5) and size 6 (or type 6, or #6). They are so called because they are designed fit around an ink feed which is 5mm or 6mm in diameter respectively.

An existing pen or an existing pen kit is designed to take a nib of a certain size - for instance, (and these are only examples), Omega, Jr. Gent, Baron and Sedona pen kits all take a size 5 nib, whereas Roman Harvest, Pristina, Statesman and El Grande pen kits all take a size 6 nib.  So called “kitless” or custom pens can be designed to take either size.

We supply the nib pre-assembled with a choice of housing and feed.

Each size of nib is then available in a choice of point widths - extra fine, fine, medium, broad and extra broad, and in a choice of finishes including 23k gold plate, solid titanium and 18k solid gold.  We also have size 5 and size 6 calligraphy nibs in three different point widths, and medium point left handed nibs in both sizes.

Bock nibs also fit a host of commercially available pens including models by Jinhao, Kaigelu, Visconti, TWSBI, Faber Castell, Karas, Baoer, Kaweco and Namisu to name but a tiny handful. We don’t claim to know every pen on the market, but we do maintain a database of those we have information about, so it’s worth asking if you are unsure. We are prevented by Bock’s terms and conditions from selling their nibs without a housing and feed, and many pens will require the new nib to be fitted into the existing housing of your pen.

Our standard size 5 nib is type 180 and our standard size 6 nib is type 250. In addition, we keep a small quantity of type 060 nibs in stock, which are also size 5 but are slightly shorter than type 180. They fit into Karas K series pens, Messenger, Kaweco Al Sport & Lilliput, Loclen and many others. They are not available in a kit compatible housing but the geometry and thread of the Bock housing is identical to type 180, therefore makers of kitless pens are able to use the same thread taps if they wish to make a pen with a shorter nib.

We also keep a small quantity of type 380 size 8 nibs in stock in 18k solid gold and in solid titanium.

If you need help choosing a nib, please feel free to contact us - we are a happy to help.