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Bock left handed fountain pen nibs -  sizes 5 & 6 (types 180 & 250) We are agents for Bock fountain pen nibs

We are proud to be distributors for

Peter Bock fountain pen nibs
(and we ship worldwide)




Understanding fountain pen nibs & choosing the right one.

The business end of any fountain pen consists of three parts - the nib housing, the ink feed and the fountain pen nib itself. It is usual that the whole assembly is mounted inside a decorative casing called the Nib Section, via a corresponding thread on the housing.

Fountain pen nibs come in a variety of sizes, the most popular ones being size 5 (#5) and size 6 (#6). They are so called because they are designed to fit around an ink feed which is 5mm or 6mm in diameter respectively.

Any fountain pen, be it commercially available or a vintage marque, or one made from a pen kit, is designed to take a nib of a certain size - a pen which takes a size 5 nib can’t be fitted with a size 6 nib, and vice versa. For instance, (and theses are only examples), Jinhao X750, Conid Bulkfiller, TWSBI VAC700  and all Namisus take a size 6 nib, whereas Faber Castell Basic, Jinhao 950, TWSBI 500AL and Baoer 388 all take a size 5 nib. In some cases, it may be necessary to swap the new nib into the existing housing of the pen, either because it has unique threads and can’t easily be replaced, or because the existing housing is an integral part of the Nib Section.

In the world of pen kits, (again, only as examples), Pristina, Statesman,  Roman Harvest and El Grande all take a size 6 nib, whereas Mistral, Baron, Classic Elite and Omega all take a size 5 nib. We have “kit compatible” housings to fit many, but not all pen kits, and in some cases it may be necessary to swap the new nib into the existing housing that came with the kit. Custom pens, or so called kitless pens can be designed to take any size of nib, and we have thread taps to enable the internal threading of the Nib Section.

Bock’s standard size 5 fountain pen nib is called a type 180. However, to complicate things a little, they also produce a shorter size 5 nib, called a type 060, which is used for example by Karas K, Messenger and most Kaweco models. In addition, there is a type 076, which whilst it’s the same visible length as type 180, is wider across the shoulder. Type 076 is used for example by Visconti for many of their models, and is also useful for custom pen makers who want a size 5 nib that looks a bit more substantial. The housings of types 180, 060 and 076 are identical, so makers only need one set of tools to facilitate the section for any or all of them. We keep most of Bock’s full range of type 180 nibs in stock, and a small range of types 060 and 076. We are happy to obtain by special order any nibs that we don’t have in stock.

Bock’s standard size 6 fountain pen nib is called a type 250. They also produce a type 220 which is narrower across the shoulder, but which is only available in solid gold. We keep Bock’s full rage of type 250 nibs in stock, but type 220 is only available by special order.

Each nib is then available in a choice of point widths - extra fine, fine, medium, broad and extra broad, and in a choice of finishes including polished steel, 23k gold plate, rose-gold plate, coloured lacquers, solid titanium and 18k solid gold.  We also have standard size 5, short (type 060) size 5 and standard size 6 calligraphy nibs in three different point widths, and medium point left handed nibs in both sizes.

In addition we keep a small quantity of size 8 type 380 nibs in stock in 18k solid gold and in solid titanium.

If you need help choosing a nib, please feel free to contact us - we are a happy to help.

size 6 nibs
(type 250)

size 5 nibs
(type 180)

size 5 nibs
(type 060)

Wide shoulder
size 5 nibs
(type 076)

Calligraphy nibs
sizes 5 & 6
(types 180, 060
& 250)

Left handed nibs
sizes 5 & 6
(types 180 & 250)

Standard size 8 Bock fountain pen nibs (type 380)

size 8 nibs
(type 380)

Bock type 250, size 6 fountain pen nib in solid 18k gold with rhodium

Bock fountain pen nibs stand for precision and quality, and rank amongst the most prestigious in the world. To give you the widest possible range of options, not only have we made them available with Bock’s own housings and feeds, but also with housings and feeds that are compatible with many pens kits. You choose the option that suits you best.

We have fountain pen nibs in different sizes for different pens, different point widths for different tastes, in polished steel, gold plate and bi-colour plate,  and for those extra special pens we also have fountain pen nibs in solid titanium, both 14k and 18k solid gold, and 23k solid palladium.