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Our boss likes to turn pens. He finds it fun, therapeutic, relaxing and creative. He likes to sell them too. But long ago he got fed up with the poor quality of ink units which are supplied with most pen kits. They lost him sales. After all, what is worse for a pen sale than a pen that doesn’t work because it’s dried up, or the ink flow skips, or it feels scratchy on the paper? All that hard work at the lathe, only to be let down by the ink unit.

He also realised that the refills commonly available to pen turners on the internet are no better. They are all made in the Far East, as cheaply as possible, poor in components and quality control, and usually containing the bare minimum of ink.

What about the High Street? Plenty of  good quality well known names to choose from there. For a long time he replaced his pen kit ink units with high street refills, for which he paid through the nose.

Then, one day, the penny dropped.  Why not produce his own refills?  Good quality refills that are a pleasure to write with, don’t dry up, and are full up with ink? And so Beaufort Ink was born.

Today, we produce refills in sufficient quantities to be able to sell them to other pen turners at a great price. The reason for our success? Well, the high quality and value for money of our refills speak for themselves. We also take pride in our attention to detail, our level of customer service and our professionalism.

We are more than willing to claim that our refills compare favourably with any of the well known High Street brands. It’s a bold claim which undoubtedly you will judge for yourself. However, we’d be foolish to claim it if we didn’t believe it to be true. It’s easy to hoodwink people, but you can only do it once - they wouldn’t re-order and we’d go out of business.

You certainly don’t have to pay high street prices for our refills, and together with our “Pick & Mix” quantity discounts, they represent  even better value for money.

At Beaufort Ink, we understand what makes a pen.

In fact we were founded by people who are pen turners.


There are many pen refills available on the high street and the internet, so why buy ours?


We sell our refills at an affordable price. With our “Pick & Mix” quantity discount they are even better value for money.


What makes our refills better than all the rest? Components and ink make all the difference.


Visit our online shop to see our products and place an order.

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